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The 2013 Senatorial Elections - My Thoughts on the Senatoriables (Partylist Included)

Who will I vote for this coming elections?

Check out my personal thoughts, experiences and how an ordinary voter like me would vote given the resources shared at websites and Facebook.

Ikaw, who would you vote for?

Share your candidates at the Comments Section!

C'mon, Philippines.

Please think before you vote.

Dapat tama!

Here are some of the senatoriables and my personal thoughts on them:

Dick Gordon

Philippines, you forget quick.

Dick Gordon was on the roads during heavy rains and typhoons. Have you forgotten how he, through Philippine Red Cross, was helping out our fellow kababayans who were stranded at their homes, had nothing to eat, had no possessions saved from the rampage of rains.

Jun Magsaysay, Jr.

In the words of Conrado de Quiros "Young" Philippine Daily Inquirer May 8, 2013:

Magsaysay is not one of the oldest senatorial candidates, he is one of the youngest. The proud son of a proud father, he never allowed the Magsaysay name—he carries his father’s name—to be tarnished by scandal during his two terms in the Senate. On the contrary, he exerted himself to push back corruption and wrongdoing, bolting Gloria Arroyo’s party when her legitimacy came into question, and hounding Joc-Joc Bolante for the fertilizer scam. He has lived simply, like his father, content to do what is right without drawing attention to it, without a photographer in tow to document his pa-pogi moments.

People like that do not grow old, they remain young. Hell, people like that do not age, they youth-en. Or they get better with age, like wine.

Read more:

My mom had a "boarding mate" decades ago and she was a person who used to work as a helper in Magsaysay's house. And she had all good words to say about the family of Magsaysay. She said they were treated very well, their quarters don't look like the usual helpers' quarters you see on television, and the family specifically Magsaysay indeed lives a simple, humble life. There were many security personnel around the house, she added.

In Unang Hirit's election primer, even Professor Winnie Monsod admitted she could not recall any scandal or issue related to him.

Nancy Binay

I had a chance to meet Vice President Jejomar Binay at a Gawad Kalinga event in Makati City. He is soft-spoken, yes quite dark, humble. I told him that my father has already passed away, and I knew they were good friends in the past. They used to be the best of enemies during the time of Marcos regime - Binay was part of the Light of Fire movement while my father is serving in the army. After such rift, they became friends and Binay even invited my father to head the security forces of Makati City. 

At the GK event, me, together with other GK builders were treated like a real hero. That was the first time in my life that I was treated that way - police keeping track of where we were going, we were accompanied every time we cross the street. Food was great, I did feel a sense of protection - even for that night when we celebrated the success of Gawad Kalinga. Even before the event, when I visited some GK villages in Taguig, some leaders were already hoping that they could tap VP Binay as he manages national housing. And true enough, Binay is finally supporting GK. 

In that up-close-and-personal moment, I finally realize why people are drawn to Binay's charisma - natural Filipino looking and humble. The thing is that I'm just not sure with his daughter, since I would normally vote in the basis of performance and not in the basis of name. At the same time, it's not everyday that you get the chance to meet politicians as high ranking as Binay. 

Here's the controversial comments by Vice Ganda which moved Nancy Binay speaks about her right to run for senate:

"Gusto ko president ako agad," Vice Ganda said in jest, "'Yung wala kang background, pero mataas agad, parang 'yung mga pulitiko lang ngayon. Walang background, pero senador agad."

Asked if he is referring to any senatorial bets in particular, the 37-year-old comedian said, "Sila Nancy Binay, sino pa ba?"

Here's what Nancy Binay has to say on Vice Ganda:

Sonny Angara

Everyday I pass through Commonwealth and see banners of protest from farmers at the Department of Agriculture. One banner that stood out was the Apeco issue. 

I always have the heart for farmers as they belong to the poorest sectors of the country. And the mere fact that Sonny Angara is hinging on the popularity of his surname, I hope we could find other reasons to vote for him.

Loren Legarda

I was watching Unang Hirit's elections primer and when she was asked by Professor Winnie Monsod on the issue that she changed political parties, she seemed pissed off and kept butting in. I just didn't like that of her. I wish she would justify her actions of transferring to one party or another as a strategy, rather than disrespecting the person asking her a question. I think the question is valid and not to malign her, but I think she took it like she was being embarrassed in front of the crowd. If she does have good achievements to say, and I think her love for environment is one, then she could just turn the "hot" seat to her side.

Edward Hagedorn

In NewsTV's documentary about islands for sale, I was a bit surprise to learn that the government of Puerto Prinsesa actually encourages commercial sale of islands on the view that development would be managed better if sold to private entities. I'm still torn about this. 

Chiz Escudero

I'm personally not comfortable with Heart-Chiz romance. I'm just not sure if it's coming from my personal view on May-December love affair, but something just isn't OK with me. His style of speaking plain Tagalog seems a lot boring to me now, unlike before when I used to be fan. If the parents of Heart are saying the truth that 1) Chiz came to their place drunk asking the dad what he does for a living 2) Chiz could not give Heart a marriage - then maybe as parents they have the right to "un-vote" Chiz for their daughter. 

If I were Heart, yes, I'll for the one I love and I'm already old enough to decide. But I would want a guy who can bring me to the altar for marriage in front of God and country. Someone who can't offer that to me is a no-no. 

So why is romance related to politics? 
Well, you could think of it this way. He may have plans to run for 2016 presidential elections, and a good mix of influence from showbiz may help. But is he taking advantage of Heart? Or Heart dreaming of being a first lady soon? We will never know.

He has a website if you want to check out his credentials.

Jack Enrile

You may have heard of the catchy political ad in the tune of Willie Revillame's novelty song. But the alleged killing of a certain businessman who stepped on Jack Enrile's foot isn't also sending comfortable messages to me. 

And to my sanity, why the many shootings involved? Who are Lucas, Anido, Manalad, Santillan? I have hear a piece of story from ABS-CBN news, please read further here. I also thought this was a personal website of Jack, but I was surprised to see content:

Bam Aquino

Bam Aquino is one kind of candidate who I must say might be better off not running, so as not to be tainted by dirty politics. I've been watching GoNegosyo television shows, saw some articles from magazines and websites how dedicated Bam Aquino is towards entrepreneurship.

I think the only negative comment about him is that he is leveraging on the popularity of his brother, most specifically the surname "Aquino." But why not? Will you not do the same if you were in his shoes? I would think that Bam Aquino may be one of those "better" candidates (given that you know, we have less choices and so many "bad" candidates around). It's just that the post may be too high for him? (But do I have the right to say that. Just realize the senators we have now).

Grace Poe

If you were a Facebook lurker, you might just laugh at a comment made by a certain Facebook user who said if she was daughter of FPJ, then she should have just been content being an action star.

First of all, lamenting over the issue of FPJ being cheated during the presidential elections, must not be the reason for voting today. Situation today is different.

Second, I think as an MTRCB chair she did well. But may be the post is just too high for me? (Again, who am I to say this. Just realize the current senators we have now).

Intention-wise, I think she has good intentions as she doesn't look like a corrupt person or someone who would take advantage. Her mom is a legend in the showbiz industry. Her father is an equal legend too. She has no businesses to protect (as far as I know). But then again, how I can really these things, given very limited knowledge of her political background? Will the looks be enough for me to say she's right candidate?

You can check out her credentials here:

Cynthia Villar

Well, her comment has infuriated a number of Filipino nurses worldwide, I'm not sure if she would get votes from that sector. I'm just feeling quite uneasy with the fact that you know, when you passed by C-5, most of the housing developments there are actually managed by the Villar.

She does have a site and I think it's worth looking at if you want to check out her achievements. I just want to ask what this UN Award for Best Water Management is all about?

But what I like about her is being a super woman. I think her achievements are very good, and inspiring for all females out there to be achievers and goal-seekers.

Alan Peter Cayetano

PTK Presyo Trabaho Kita - that is the mission that Cayetano promotes.

I think what I like about his political ad is that it's direct to the point, no nonsense endorser or jingle. It's just purely focused on his mission.

Here is a website of the senator if you want to check out his achievements:

JV Ejercito

Another candidate weighing on family names. But unlike his father, JV is not being gossiped about women or drinking.

Here is a website of the senator if you want to check out his credentials:


This list is taken from's related article.

I would personally choose partylists for farmers and fishermen (poorest of the poor in the Philippines), ethnic tribes and persons with disabilities.

Sector/Advocacy# on
AcronymParty List Name
Anti-Corruption92CIBACCitizens' Battle Against Coruption
62KAAKBAYKatipunan ng mga Anak ng Bayan All Filipino Democratic Movement
Anti-Drugs122AKOAko Ayoko sa Bawal na Droga
20UNI-MADUnited Movement Against Drugs Foundation, Inc.
Athletes25PBAPuwersa ng Bayaning Atleta
26FIRM 24-KFirm 24-K Association, Inc.
128GREEN FORCEGreen Force for the Environment Sons and Daughters of Mother Earth
Farmers and
1191-JAMG1 Joint Alliance of Marginalized Groups, Inc.
111-LAMBATIsang Lapian ng Mangingisda at Bayan Tungo sa Kaunlaran
107A BLESSEDBlessed Federation of Farmers and Fishermen International, Inc.
71AAMBIS-OWAAng Asosasyon Sang Mangunguma Nga Bisaya-Owa Mangunguma, Inc.
19AANIAng Agrikultura Natin Isulong
70ABAAlyansang Bayanihan ng mga Magsasaka, Manggagawang Bukid at Mangingisda
7ABONOAbono Party-list
113ADAAgrarian Development Association
38AGAPAgricultural Sector Alliance of the Philippines
125AGRIAgri-Agra na Reporma para sa Magsasaka ng Pilipinas Movement
15AKMA-PTMAksyon Magsasaka-Partido Tinig ng Masa
114ARAROAlliance for Rural and Agrarian Reconstruction, Inc.
50BUTILButil Farmers Party
Groups with
Religious Ties
42ANG PROLIFEAng Prolife
135BUHAYBuhay Hayaan Yumabong
73ABANTE KAAbante Katutubo, Inc.
93AGILAAgila ng Katutubong Pilipino, Inc.
130ALIFAng Laban ng Indiginong Filipino
21ALIMAction League of Indigenous Masses
66ANAC-IPAng National Coalition of Indigenous Peoples Action Na
99ATMAbante Tribung Makabansa
32KATRIBUKatribu Indigenous Peoples Sectoral Party
Laborers and
721-AALALAYIsang Alyansang Aalalay sa Pinoy Skilled Workers
104AASENSOAting Agapay Sentrong Samahan ng mga Obrero, Inc.
61ABROADAction Brotherhood for Active Dreamers, Inc.
2ABSArts, Business and Science Professionals
77AFPSEGCOAlliance for Philippines Security Guards Cooperative
40ALEAssociation of Laborers and Employees
58ALYANSA NG OFWAlyansa ng OFW Party
65AMOR SEAMANAssociation of Marine Officer & Ratings, Inc.
6AMSAlyansa ng Media at Showbiz
85ANG MINEROSectoral Party of Ang Minero
127ANG NARSAng Nars, Inc.
67ANGKLAANGKLA: Ang Partido ng mga Pilipinong Marino, Inc.
8BAYANIBayani Party-list
90DIWADemocratic Independent Workers Association, Inc.
96MIGRANTEMigrante Sectoral Party of Overseas Filipinos and their Families
4OFW FAMILYOFW Family Club, Inc.
27TUCPTrade Union Congress Party
Multi-sectoral741-BAP1 BANAT & AHAPO Party-list Coalition
126AANGAT TAYOAangat Tayo
117AKBAYANAkbayan Citizens’ Action Party
91ARCAlliance for Rural Concerns
79BAYAN MUNABayan Muna
81MTM PHILSMamamayan Tungo sa Maunlad na Pilipinas
Persons with
10PWDPilipinos With Disabilities
Poverty Alleviation1331-PABAHAYIsang Pangarap ng Bahay sa Bagong Buhay ng Maralitang Kababayan, Inc.
1181-SAGIPSocial Amelioration & Genuine Intervention on Poverty
120AKO BAHAYAdhikain at Kilusan ng Ordinaryong Tao Para sa Lupa, Pabahay, Hanapbuhay at Kaunlaran
131KALINGAKalinga-Advocacy for Social Empowerment and Nation-Building through Easing Poverty, Inc.
100PACYAWPilipino Association for Country-Urban Poor Youth Advancement and Welfare
57UMALAB KAUgnayan ng Maralita Laban sa Kahirapan
60YACAPYou Against Corruption and Poverty
Prisoners134KAKUSAKapatiran ng mga Nakulong na Walang Sala, Inc.
Regional Groups123ABAMINAbante Mindanao, Inc.
111ABPAlliance of Bicolnon Party
39AGBIAG!Agbiag! Timpuyog Ilocano, Inc.
18AKBAko Bicol Political Party
98ALLUMADAlyansa Lumad Mindanao, Inc.
56AMINAnak Mindanao Party-list
23AN WARAYAn Waray
97AWAT MINDANAOAnti-War/Anti-Terror Mindanao Peace Movement
Senior Citizens and
30ABANTE RETIREESAbante Retirees Party-list Organization
64AMAAagapay sa Matatanda
52VFPVeterans Freedom Party
SMEs and Consumers11-CARE1st Consumers Alliance for Rural Energy
86AA-KASOSYOKasosyo Producer-Consumer Exchange Association
12AAMAAlliance of Advocates in Mining Advancement for National Progress
22ALAY BUHAYAlay Buhay Community Development Foundation, Inc.
82ANG KASANGGAKasangga sa Kaunlaran, Inc.
116APECAssociation of Philippine Electric Cooperatives
124APPENDAppend, Inc.
35ATING KOOPAdhikaing Tinataguyod ng Kooperatiba
51COOP-NATCCOCooperative NATCCO Network Party
84LPGMALPG Marketers Association
761BRO-PGBI1 BRO-Philippine Guardians Brotherhood, Inc.
941GANAP/GUARDIANS1 Guardians Nationalist of the Philippines, Inc.
5MAGDALOMagdalo Para sa Pilipino
Teachers9A TEACHERAdvocacy for Teacher Empowerment Through Action, Cooperation, and Harmony Towards Educational Reforms
49ACT TEACHERSACT Teachers Party-list
46ATING GUROAting Guro
43AVEAlliance of Volunteer Educators
891-UTAK1-United Transport Koalisyon
37PISTONPiston Land Transport Coalition, Inc.
Women and
871 ANG PAMILYAUna ang Pamilya Party-list
54GABRIELAGabriela Women's Party
103KLBPKababaihang Lingkod Bayan sa Pilipinas
Youth109AKAP BATA INC.Akap Bata Sectoral Organization for Children, Inc.
13BHBagong Henerasyon
17KABATAANKabataan Party-list
Others551-AAMOVER1-A Action Moral & Values Recovery Reform Philippines, Inc.
53ACT-CISAnti-Crime and Terrorism Community Involvement and Support, Inc.
121ADAMAdhikain ng mga Dakilang Anak Maharlika
29ADINGAdvance Community Development in New Generation
95AGHAMAlyansa ng Grupong Haligi ng Agham at Teknolohiya para sa Mamamayan
108AMAAng Mata’y Aalagaan
48ARALAssociation of Righteousness Advocacy on Leadership

Unfortunately, it's easier to choose who I won't vote for than those I'll vote for.
Someday, I hope that responsible and worthy Filipinos will run the Senate.
Those who are qualified, honest and passionate towards action and solution.

My sure candidates in my list: Jun Magsaysay, Jr. and Dick Gordon.

For any incorrect data shared above, or any feedback, please share at the Comments Section below.

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  1. voted already as an overseas absentee voter. They sent the ballots but I didn't received mine so I went to the embassy to vote. In any case, I was torn to vote only 3 but just added others to complete 12. I didn't vote the returnees not a fan of them. Voted a lot of independents hehehe.. I don't know much about the candidates to make a sound vote. All I want to vote is Dick Gordon.. :)

  2. thanks ms. claudine lo for sharing your experience and your senatorial pick =) i also want to vote for him =)


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